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The Manufacture details of perfume boxes.

Pierre Guillaume Paris Perfume Manufacture

designing and producing our liquid poems
La Manufacture - Production site - Le Brezet - Made in Auvergne.

From laboratory to boutique... our Manufacture is a hybrid place

Although the brand’s commercial activities are run from the first arrondissement of Paris, we produce in our own factory in the Auvergne.

Once the formulas have been developed and validated by Pierre GUILLAUME in his Creative Studio, it’s the Cellar Master’s turn to manage the maceration, ageing, post-treatments and filtration of the juices, which are weighed by the perfumer himself in the Raw Materials Cellar, who is the only one to handle the precious formulas.

“Perfume is ‘l’intime-extime’, in other words, a part of intimacy that we reveal.”

From their immaculate counters, les Dames de table (productions assitants), wearing charlottes and embroidered blouses, meticulously carry out the 11 steps required to assemble a perfume bottle.

La Manufacture - Laboratory - Made in Auvergne
La Manufacture - Production site - Le Brezet - Made in Auvergne.

Company formation: 2005
Subject: Independant perfumes house
Locations: Clermont-Ferrand (63) – France
Founder: Pierre Guillaume

Flacon - Iconique

415 retailers in 37 countries
100 perfume references
15 employees
4 flagships: Clermont-Ferrand (X2), Lyon, Paris

Pierre Guillaume - The perfumer, nose, artistic director - La manufacture - Made in Auvergne.
Production unit - The Perfume Manufactory - Le Brezet - Clermont-Ferrand - Made in Auvergne.

Photos: Nicolas Anglade.

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