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Your bottles become perennial objects thanks to gentle recycling

PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS is committed to the gentle, rational and supportive recycling of your empty perfume bottles.

Rational, because we believe that the role of a PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS perfume bottle is undoubtedly to contain PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS perfume and that, in order to do so, it does not need to be crushed and melted to resume its original function.

To deposit its bottle in a collection bin, for a crushing and a remelting of the glass seems to us quite energy-consuming to become again a bottle of perfume. Much more energy consuming than the journey of a parcel through the Post Office, distributed by the postman who passes by our house every day whatever happens.

Solidary, because all this is only possible with you and thanks to your support, so that your empty perfume bottle is loosened, neutralized, cleaned and can once again contain a PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS perfume.
We therefore recommend a reasoned, humane and responsible recycling, favouring this cold circuit, which is less energy consuming. You make the effort not to throw away and return the bottles to us and we make the effort to recycle gently to reuse.


How does it work?


To give a second life to your glass bottles (50 ml & 100 ml), the process is very simple. Go to your nearest shop and give away your empty bottles. Two addresses are available for this purpose:

PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS – 13 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris – 
From monday to saturday 10:00 – 
14:00, 15:00 – 
19:00 – Closed on sunday
PIERRE GUILLAUME CLERMONT-FERRAND – 17 bis Rue Saint-Gènes, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand – From tuesday to saturday 10:30 – 
12:30, 14:00 – 
19:00 – Closed monday and sunday



Pack your empty bottles (to reduce the carbon footprint, a minimum of 5 bottles per shipment is preferable), mentioning your name, first name, address, telephone and e-mail in your package and drop it off at the post office and send it to the following address:

Recycling Program
25, rue Pierre Boulanger – 63100 CLERMONT-FERRAND

For any reception of a minimum batch of 5 bottles in condition to be recycled (not broken, not cracked, not scratched), you will receive an electronic discount coupon to be used on your next order on in the amount of 10 € to participate in the reimbursement of shipping costs incurred.


What will become of your PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS bottles?

Rather than recycling them in traditional glass bins, and having your bottles crushed and re-melted, we offer to recondition them in our workshops according to our gentle recycling method. They will be loosened, neutralized and then cleaned. This process will then put a healthy bottle back into the circuit for a second life! Attention: Sample tubes cannot technically be part of the Gentle Recycling program!


Information on sorting and recycling

Access to sorting instructions





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