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Pierre GUILLAUME entrusted the architect François LEBEL with the task of carrying out the metamorphosis of one of its stores in the manner of an anamorphosis by Georges ROUSSE.

Through a play of light and shapes that disturbs our perception of volumes and perspective, a new “space within space” appears at the heart of the boutique.  The place becomes the theatrical landmark of a work in bronze and thuja by the sculptor Roland COGNET. A Peregrine Falcon perched on a tree trunk sits as the guardian of the place.

In the shade of this stylised forest, the bird seems ready to take flight and carry our thoughts away in the shadow of this stylised forest, with its piercing gaze turned towards the visitor, through an open roofed sky, whose azure blue is reminiscent of the brand’s packaging.

COGNET’s sculptures illustrating its reflection on the 4 fundamental essences, mineral, plant, human and animal, resonate with the perfumer’s aesthetic codes and personal aspirations and watch over other sites of Pierre GUILLAUME perfumes.

This new Clermont-Ferrand boutique at Le Faucon Pèlerin now echoes the Parisian boutique at the Palais Royal decorated with a Red Monkey and the Manufacture guarded by a Brown Wolf.

Conception: Pierre Guillaume – Architect: François Lebel. – Sculptor: Roland Cognet – Gallery: Claire Gastaud Contemporary Art.

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