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First International PG Store
Pierre Guillaume Belgrade - International Boutique

Located at 75, Kralja Petra, Stari Grad, the space, designed by architect Sanja Stojakovic reflects all the House’s aesthetic codes. Canopée blue with black highlights, warm woods and lines of light streaming across the ceiling and caressing the brick vault. The animal totem, the symbol of Pierre Guillaume boutiques, is a bronze eagle signed by artist Drinka Radovanovic. Under the Direction of our Partner Milica Kostic, Luka and Ivana, the perfume consultants, will be presenting the brand’s entire catalogue and Pierre GUILLAUME creations.

Pierre Guillaume Belgrade - Milica Kostic - Managing Director

Milica Kostic

Managing Director

“My name is Milica Kostic and I was born in 1985 in Belgrade, Serbia. I completed my Masters in Business and Finance at the University of Sheffield in 2008 and, immediately afterwards, I started work at Ernst&Young in Athens, Greece. I then worked for the World Bank on renewable energy projects. When my husband and I decided to start a family we concentrated more on his work developing hotel projects and we travelled a lot and lived in Scotland and Mexico. When our first daughter was born, we decided to return to our home country and establish our base there, close to family and friends. In the meantime, I started working in the company that my father had owned for 25 years. Then our second daughter was born. In 2011, the year I met my husband, we took our first trip together to Italy […]”

“At the time, I have to admit that I didn’t know much about perfumes and preferred the big commercial brands that you can find in all the shopping centres, airport shops, etc…. However, my husband had very specific tastes when it came to cosmetics and perfumes and he was always talking about brands I’d never heard of before, telling me how he could spend hours in a shop looking for the right perfume. It was on this trip, as we were walking through the centre of Padova, that my husband walked into an ‘old-fashioned’ perfume shop. He started to try out different fragrances, and this went on for a long time: I watched him sniffing endlessly, then dipping his nose into coffee beans and smelling more and more of the other fragrances that the owner of the shop presented to him. When we got back to the hotel, he opened a bag containing a perfume and let me try it, telling me that if I liked it, I could use it too. It was LOUANGES PROFANES by Pierre GUILLAUME and when I sprayed it on, I loved it immediately: that particular powdery note, so tender and carnal, would stay with us until the last drop, binding our feelings for each other”.

Pierre Guillaume Belgrade - International Boutique

Pierre GUILLAUME’s perfumes
have something extra,
something sensitive and unique.”

Milica Kostic

Pierre Guillaume Belgrade - International Boutique

“A few years later, on a trip to Paris with my mother, I discovered LE MUSC & LA PEAU in a shop in the Marais district and the next day we went back to buy more bottles, as my mother and husband loved it and wanted a bottle too. Since then, I can’t imagine doing without it. After all these years of wearing Pierre GUILLAUME’s creations, I have to say that when so many people ask me what my perfume is, I’m torn between the desire to share them and the reflex not to share a kind of treasure that holds such a place in my life. By putting aside my possessive thoughts, many of our friends have started to buy and wear Pierre GUILLAUME. These fragrances, which they had never heard of before, came into their lives, and I was able to watch the same special feeling and indefinable bond develop that I myself experienced when wearing them. Pierre GUILLAUME’s fragrances are more than just a social marker or a fashion accessory; they have something extra, something sensitive and unique, something irrationally endearing and moving. They speak to the senses and touch our hearts. It was to promote and support the work of this designer so dear to me that I decided to open the first PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS boutique outside France, in my own country, Serbia”.

Pierre Guillaume Belgrade - International Boutique
Pierre Guillaume Belgrade - International Boutique
Pierre Guillaume Belgrade - International Boutique
Pierre Guillaume Belgrade - International Boutique

Boutique Pierre GUILLAUME Belgrade – Stari Grad – Kralja Petra 75 – BELGRADE – SERBIA
From Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 21:00 pm – Saturday: 10:00 pm to 20:00 pm – Closed on Sunday.
Aesthetic codes: Pierre Guillaume – Architect: Sanja Stojakovic – Sculptor: Drinka Radovanovic.

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