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New for Christmas


limited edition

For the christmas holydays of 2020, PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS presents ELATOPHOROS in a limited edition.

ELATOPHOROS, (the one who brings the fir tree in Greek)  evokes the atmosphere of a midnight mass in a small isolated chapel, somewhere in the pine forest. The Needles of Sylvester Pine, Sage, and the precious Myrrh resin combine with the essence of Ciste Labdanum …

Nicknamed the “master of light”, the Sylvester Pine always climbs higher to capture the rays of the sun. It is also associated with this symbolism in many cultures and it is quite natural that the Elatophoros candle is adorned with an ornamental plaque displaying a motif where the solar radiation merges with the rippling of water so dear to the PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS House.

Widespread throughout Europe as far as Siberia and Asia Minor, the Sylvester pine or “northern pine” is the most cultivated species of Pinus in Europe’s forests. The Scots pine is a pioneer of bare or sparsely vegetated land. It has been widely used to reforest areas with poor soils and to allow the appearance of other species. The tree can reach 40 metres in height and live for more than half a millennium. The trunk is slender and tall, with a rounded top. The cracked bark in brick-red scales contrasts with the grey-green to bluish-green foliage, hence its nickname “red pine”. The long needles are bundled in pairs and sheathed at the base. The needle branches are distilled to produce the essential oil of Sylvester pine. They are harvested from spring to early winter, before the snow comes. The fragrance of Scots pine exudes a pleasant woody, resinous forest scent, reminiscent of Siberian pine. The best quality essential oil is produced in Austria, in the Tyrol region.

The Sylvester pine is a species of light, which climbs ever higher to capture the sun’s rays. Nicknamed the “master of light”, it is associated with this symbolism in many cultures. For the Amerindians, in the tribe of the Iroquois, it is the look-out for the sky. The tribe of the Nez Percés considers that only the pine tree knows the secret of fire. Called the “Torch Tree” in Corsica, it is set ablaze in an offering, so that the light can shine. Its wood loaded with resin is also a good fuel. Guardian of eternal fire among the Taoists, it is reborn from the celestial flame.

Le bonheur est la seule chose qui se double si on le partage.

Albert Schweitzer

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