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the art of offering

treat oneself

Every occasion can be a pretext to offer PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS,
to your loved ones or to yourself. Find here help to choose the gift
the most relevant, discover our selection of rare juices, body care,
candles or home perfumes.

Consider perfume differently?

Offer an olfactory epic

Each of the fragrances in the PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS numbered collection is a new stopover in a journey to the heart of the Pierre GUILLAUME style. By using a mix of genres, the designer expresses his olfactory aesthetics and personal tastes in a spontaneous way. He explores in turn different numbered olfactory themes, which follow one another in this numerical collection.

Need some sunshine?

Purity of light

A collection inspired by the light, the sun! Modern, gender-fluid, luminous and sexy fragrances. Simply cool.

Swim-Sx-Best-Seller, 100ml-Perfume Indian Hemp, Okoume Wood and Rosewood
Entre Ciel Et Mer Perfume, Sandalwood and Aquatic Notes Fragrance

Traveling soul?

Travel fragrances

Through the theme of travel, the perfumer tells us about wide open spaces, wild nature and faraway places.
The Cruise Collection isn’t a catalogue of iodized scents… it’s about the sea, faraway islands, the jungle, but above all… movement.

Keep the flame burning?

interior atmosphere

The Messenger Candles work for the well-being and happiness of others. They are housed in mouth-blown photophores made of white sandblasted glass. The Messenger Candles collection contains a message of friendship.

Secret mind?

pierre guillaume confidential collection

For this new collection, “PIERRE GUILLAUME CONFIDENTIAL”, the perfumer invites us into a world apart, where the scent of rare juices blends with modern and urban worlds imbued with surrealism. All of Pierre GUILLAUME’s poetry is expressed in bottles dressed in gold and graphite.

Fancy a little sweetness?

pierre guillaume body care collection

Pierre GUILLAUME inaugurates its first range of body care products dedicated to the ritual of the Bath through two new products declined in four “signature” fragrances of the collection. The Washing Gel for Hands and Body and the Scented Emulsion for Hands and Body. A total of eight new highly scented creations, eco-responsible, skin-friendly and predominantly natural formulas that reaffirm the expertise of the house of PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS.



Think about our boxes the atmosphere

Our gift boxes are a very good alternative to discover our universe. Through a selection of 4 olfactory themes: Saigon, Hibiscus, Leaf and Taiga, let yourself be tempted and surprised!
The “Atmosphere” ambience boxes include :
– A scented candle jar 240 g net
– An Eau de Parfum for the home, Spray 100 ml
– One Reboot the loo, Codigoutte 100 ml

Olfactory photographs?

Graphic Eaux de Parfums

A Collection of eaux de parfum with an architecture evoking figurative olfactory captures. The composition of these fragrant photographs is built around innovative ingredients derived from bio-technologies.

Reboot the loo - Odor neutralizer for washrooms, scents of Verbena Leaf, Licorice, Mint

Are you comfortable?

Odour neutraliser for toilet facilities

A blend of vegetable essences and a non-ionic emulsifier with a favourable eco-toxicological profile, Reboot the Loo is an odour neutraliser for toilets.

Calmness and serenity?

hesperidream, pillow mist

Combined with the murmur of a relaxing music playlist of your choice, Hesperidream will wrap your bed in a delicate cocoon of floral freshness and soft woodland, predisposing the place to a soft night, full of dreams in the gardens of the hesperidia…

Pierre Guillaume Paris - Hesperidream - Flacons 100 ml - Brume d'oreiller - Dreamy Pillow Mist.
Leaf, l'Atmosphere Gachette, Patchouli, Mint, Fig leaves

With a flick of the index finger, “la Gachette” impregnates the air with one of its five fragrances: LEAF, HIBISCUS, SAÏGON, TAÏGA and TONKA.
The Trigger can perfume textiles, curtains, rugs and carpets. In car, a spray on each floor mat can set up an olfactory atmosphere for several days.

Why should you choose?

Full set integral 90 PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS

It contains the entire catalogue of PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS perfumes in a luxurious box. You will find a total of 90 fragrances in the form of Mini Vapo Spray of 2 ml (180 ml of perfume) and the complete catalogue of our House.

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