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31-1-L'Air-et-l’Eros-Perfume-Bottle-100ml-Ambiance2-Lilac, Tonka Bean, White Cocoa
New fragrance

31.1 L'Air & l'Eros

An abstraction of Tonka…

For the first time, the House Pierre Guillaume paris, offers two consecutive creations in the same theme. With Tonka Bodykon 31, Pierre GUILLAUME inaugurates the “Tonka” theme by composing a soft amber fragrance in which the bean is highlighted in all its identity. It is magnified by balsam notes, all its natural facets faithfully underlined and amplified. In immediate response to this first quasi-figurative approach, focused on the material, the perfumer opposes an abstract vision of the latter. The Perfumer no longer relies on the material and central presence of tonka bean absolute at the heart of the formula but rather on its traditional olfactory characteristics: balsamic warmth, almond and tobacco notes, coumarin.
By maintaining the usual resonances of tonka with the other ingredients, it prolongs the illusion. L’ Air & L’ Eros is therefore an abstraction of Tonka.
Like an olfactory filigree, the bean appears transparently throughout the fragrance, suggested by the balsamic facets of lilac, the almond and tobacco notes of coumarin and the ambery warmth of white cocoa.


Air & Eros, tonka particles carried by a fresh air current, like a light breeze charged with the scent of lilacs… if the wind was the best of lovers?

31-1-Parfum-L'Air-et-l'Eros-Bottle-100ml-Ambiance-Lilac, Tonka Bean, White Cocoa


L’ Air & L’ Eros is a balmy floral, evoking the first warm spring breeze that makes bare skin quiver with its caress. This breath of lilac, whose balsamic and spicy facets resonate with particles of tonka bean, blossoms into the soft ambery warmness of white cocoa extract.


A balmy floral shiver, the warm wind of the first beautiful days on bare skin.

Lilac, Tonka Bean, White Cocoa


A floral creation florale, balsam amber.

Lilac, Tonka Beans, White Cocoa

Second work on the “Tonka” theme, after Tonka Bodykon (a sweet amber) - PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS


An abstraction of Tonka

Rhum Ambré, Fève Tonka, Pomme, Miel, Vanille, Pistache, BenjoinAmber Rum, Tonka Bean, Apple, Honey, Vanilla, Pistachio, Benzoin.

Lilas, Fève Tonka, Cacao BlancLilac, Tonka Bean, White Cocoa.

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