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a floriental aldehyde

“Hapyang is an explosion of powder and floral sparkles, with an endless trail… Aldehydes make magnolia and ylang-ylang flowers sparkle in a cloud of powder, enlivened by the sweet, exotic notes of this floral heart. Pearwood, benzoin and vanilla rise in a delicate oriental breath, enveloping the skin like a precious veil of shimmering silk”.


The Aldéhydée family is a prestigious lineage in perfumery whose history began a century ago. These elements resulting from synthesis bring volume and brilliance to the compositions.

Paradoxically, they sometimes evoke the warmth of a molten metal, sometimes the sensation of a clean, freshly ironed garment. Aldehydic floral fragrances have been and still are synonymous with glamour and femininity for generations of women. Over-defined and almost sanctuarized, it is difficult to imagine being able to make a contribution to the olfactory monument represented by the aldehydic floral genre. How can I bring it into my aesthetic universe without betraying its spirit?

It was when I discovered by chance a series of photographs representing a dancer in a cloud of powder (by Jeffrey Vanhoutte) that the idea came to me: aldehydes should twirl in a huge cloud of powder!


Lavender, Vanilla,

Cloud of powder & aldehydes,
Magnolia, Ylang-Ylang, Pearwood, Benzoin, Vanilla

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