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A l'ombre de la Pinède - Operation Summer 2023 - Pierre Guillaume Paris - Morning in Tipas with Peau d'Ambre and the new Morning in Tipasa cleansing gel
Summer 2023 operation

À l'ombre de la pinède

Destination: Mediterranean Sea

For the summer of 2023, the House of PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS is bringing back two opuses inspired by the Mediterranean pine forest: Morning in Tipasa & Peau d’Ambre.

À l'Ombre de la Pinède

A summer in the Mediterranean Sea...

The scent of pine resin warmed by the summer sun and scented with the fragrance of coastal pine forests is so dear to perfumer Pierre GUILLAUME that he has placed it at the center of these two creations. Combined with Wild Lemongrass and Peppermint in Morning in Tipasa, it evokes the dazzling light of long summer days and refreshing dips in the blue Mediterranean water.

In Peau d’Ambre, by combining with Amber and leather, it envelops the summer night and dresses the skin with its vibrant warmth.

New and deliciously fresh, the Morning in Tipasa Hand & Body Wash Gel is designed to accompany your summer. Highly scented, carefully formulated with beautiful ingredients for a gentle wash and a real moment of pleasure.

A l'ombre de la Pinède - Operation Summer 2023 - Pierre Guillaume Paris - Morning in Tipas with Peau d'Ambre and the new Morning in Tipasa cleansing gel
Hesperidic – Balmy Aromatic


Wild Lemongrass, Peppermint, Mediterranean Pine, Bergamot, Jujube Tree Honey.


Wedding in Tipasa (1938) by Albert Camus is one of my favorite texts: The author vividly depicts the summer, the rites of youth in Tipasa, with its Roman ruins and the sea below, exalting nature and the beauty of bodies under the sun. “Possession of the wave”… the words of Camus resonate in my head as a perfumer and my mind wanders among the remains scattered between sea and mountain, listing the Algerian flora: bergamot trees, wild lemongrass, peppermint, Mediterranean pine and jujube tree in the “sun-blackened” countryside. Diving in the water from the rocks, one morning in Tipasa…


Tipasa, from the name of the Algerian coastal city, which means place of passage or stopover.

Wild Lemongrass, Peppermint, Mediterranean Pine

Citrus fragrance, Lemongrass, Mint, Pine

Full body wash

Centered on the essentials, the Cleansing Hands & Body Gel Morning in Tipasa will make the shower a moment of happiness in the comfortable and sexy cocoon of your favorite perfume.

A highly scented formula and a cocktail of natural or renewable ingredients including sodium coconut glutamate: this very mild surfactant is the coconut glutamate fatty acid, an amino acid of more abundant in the structural protein (collagen) of human skin, allows a gentle wash of the face, hair and body or just hands.

We promise, You will love it !


Wild Lemongrass, Peppermint, Mediterranean Pine

Cleansing Hands & Body Gel Morning in Tipasa - 500ml - Wild Lemongrass, Peppermint, Mediterranean Pine - Artwork
Ambery & Mediterranean


Resins, Amber, Leather, Incense, Mediterranean Pine, Opopanax, Benjoin.

At the beginning of the 6th century BC, the city of Corinth began its domination of the perfume trade in the ancient world. Ideally placed between the East and the West, Corinthian perfumers exported their perfumed oils in stone vases called alabastres or aryballes. Perfumes and resins traveled in leather flasks on small boats along the coast of the Gulf of Corinth.

Imagine for a moment watching, from the pine forest or the scrubland at sunset, the ballet of boats loaded with vases of perfumed oils and fragrant gums, their leather skins struggling to contain the scent of resins and balms of ancient potions. Incense, Fir balsam, Opoponax and Benjoin form the resinous quadriga leading amber and leather to the mineral shores of a Mediterranean twilight.

An amber with a touch of skin

Resins, Amber, Leather

Parfum 28 Peau d'Ambre, Amber, Resins and Leather Perfume
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