Siberian Cedar, Spices and Bison Herb

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Type: Woody
At the heart of the taiga, the cold Siberian wind mixes with the green sweet notes of bison grass and the woody scent of cedarwood.

Challenge the atmosphere to a duel, aim for the sky and shoot.
In just a gesture of the index, La Gachette (the trigger) permeates the air with one of the four fragrances: LEAF, HIBISCUS, SAÏGON and TAÏGA.
The highly concentrated perfumes are formulated without water, for a more atmospheric diffusion, limiting the fallout.
At home, spray upwards, avoiding leather and sensitive surfaces to perfume your interior for several hours.
La Gachette can perfume textiles, curtains, carpets and non-sensitive surfaces.
In a car, a spray on each floor mat sets an olfactory atmosphere for several days.

Worldwide delivery, except for the USA, due to local legislation.

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