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La nymphe & le poète:
poetry, romanticism & tenderness

A new perfume and a new pillow mist around the theme 13: Rose(s)
Pierre Guillaume Paris, Theme 13: rose(s)
Pierre Guillaume Paris, Theme 13 : rose(s), Perfume 13.1 La nymphe et le poete, Pillow Mist:Pillowpoem
Poetry, Romanticism & Tenderness

La Nymphe & le Poète

PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS presents a Winter 2022 collection under the sign of Romanticism and Tenderness through two new products: A second pillow mist and a new perfume on the theme 13: Rose(s).

Le Monde doit être romantisé

Frederich von Hardenberg dit Novalis 1772-1802


Theme 13: Rose(s)
Floral – Fresh



Romanticism, Romantic Poetry of the 19th century.

At the beginning of the XIXth century, a new sensitivity magnifying the expression of feelings to the passions inflames Europe. Resulting from political and social upheavals, it is first of all essentially political. Questioning people on their deep aspirations in the face of authoritarian dynasties, it puts artists before an uncertain and dark destiny.

Nourishing their imagination, opposing feeling to reason, it becomes a cultural movement seeking through exoticism, mythology, irrationality, melancholy, and passions a means of escape and delight.


A Rose-Tea with accents of violet and spices. The singularity of an original material: the absolute of rose-tea leaves whose complex greenness responds to the amber warmth of the branches of Cistus.


An imaginary idyll between the nymph Erato and the German poet Novalis.

Rose-Tea, Orangewood, Cistus

Pierre Guillaume Paris, Thème 13 : rose(s), Parfum 13.1 La nymphe et le poete, Brume d'oreiller Pillowpoem
Pierre Guillaume Paris, Theme 13 : rose(s), Perfume 13.1 La nymphe et le poete, Pillow Mist:Pillowpoem
a new pillow mist


Pillowpoem is composed of Grapefruit Leaf, Tea Rose, Peony and Sandalwood, synonymous with freshness, soothing and serenity. Sprayed a few minutes before bedtime, PillowPoem will envelop your bed with a delicate floral and romantic veil, tenderly woody, predisposing the place to a soft plenitude, a night in the garden of poets…

With this second pillow mist, the House of PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS responds to the demand of its partners and extends the choice of scents, encouraged by the success of Hespéridream. This new mist is also inspired by the principles of aromachology, according to three axes of formulation:

• Vegetal Freshness, subtle and atypical with Grapefruit Leaf.
• Soothing and romantic, with a Rose Tea & Peony combo.
Serenity with Sandalwood.

If Hesperidream used to tell us about a night in the garden of hesperides, this time it is a siesta – why not a love nap – in the garden of poets.

The fragrance is fresh and joyful in its opening, then quickly tender and mischievous (Grapefruit leaves, Rose-Tea & Peony), less unisex than Hespéridream, it assumes a romantic, feminine, delicate and sophisticated character. The base of the fragrance – and what will endure on the fabrics – is a Sandalwood associated with a complex assembly of musks, powdery, fluffy, slightly animalistic and sensual infused with floral notes.

Plenitude, Romanticism, Love, Serenity are the 4 feelings associated with this moment of love in the Jardin des Poètes.

Pillowpoem has been formulated to be used alternately with Hesperidream without “olfactory cacophony”!


Treat yourself to a romantic cocoon full of poetry and tenderness
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