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Pierre Guillaume - The perfumer, nose, artistic director - La manufacture - Made in Auvergne.

Signature Specialities

Olfactory Seals of the House PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS

Obsidial®, Hypralone®, Strelitzial® & Karacénide®: PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS’ signature specialities to protect a style and enhance the technical performance of our creations.

In order not to be totally outdone by the innovations in fundamental research into the chemistry of odorous bodies of the big names in the perfume industry and their captive ingredients, an independent composition house such as ours must redouble its vigilance and efforts to stay in the race for diffusivity and staying power and protect its creations from excessive counterfeiting by developing its own technological tools.

Pierre GUILLAUME perfumes devote part of their R&D to the development of “Signature Specialities”, which are intended as “olfactory seals” affixed to our creations, a sort of common thread from one creation to the next, to underline their belonging to the PG style, protect the formulas and improve their technical performance.

Since 2015, PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS has developed a series of Signature Specialities on which all our commercial successes have been based:


A musky speciality described as “epidermal” by the perfumer, it combines the elegance of macrocyclics with a subtly warm, animalic undertone. It creates wonderful synergies with floral notes.  It is found in Le Musc & La Peau, Aqaysos and Komorébi.


A fresh, transparent floral speciality with aquatic and exotic tones, it brings naturalness and elegance to compositions and enhances the floral accords of almost all our creations.


A woody speciality, a sort of fiery “salty-dirty-kiss”. It has the greenness of sapwood and pierces the compositions from base to top. It brings power and volume and creates space between the notes. It can be found in Liqueur Charnelle, Djhenné, Aqaysos, La Nymphe & le Poète, Bois Naufragé, etc.

Spécialité boisée


Floral volumising agent, inspired by the particular scent of Volvic stone heated by the sun just after a rain shower. OBSIDIAL® owes its performance to a synergy of 4 molecules that impact both the head and heart (volume) and the base (persistence) of compositions. Its olfactory profile can be described as: mineral, aqueous floral, spicy. It is responsible for the strength and volume of Costume Liquide, Tigre d’Eau and our recent Accord Rose-Météore.

Agent volumateur floral
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