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a marble water

Always in the spirit of the RE-WORK, Pierre GUILLAUME continues his variations around Theme N°11 “AROMATIC SPICES”.


A “marble water” inspired by a molecular distillation of incense.


Carried by the spicy aromatic vibration of a chord of Saffron, Fresh Ginger and Green Mint, this “marble water” has the brilliance and hardness of rock. Its mineral and cold character, emanating from an intense, sparkling and precise molecular distillation of incense, is tempered by the organic variation of Red Cedar and the resinous warmth of Siberian Pine.



Third variation of Theme 11 “Spicy Aromatic”

Citrata mint, chilli,
Jasmine and Cedar

Peppermint, Cardamom,
Coconut & Sandalwood

Spearmint, Saffron,
Ginger, Frankincense & Siberian Pine

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