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Myrrh, Black tea, Liquorice, Vanilla


A millennial story
The story of myrrh is as old as that of Perfume

The Egyptians have known about it for four millennia and used it as one of the components of Kyphi, the sacred incense of their Kings.

Warm and sensual with notes of amber and balsam, Myrrhiad is an oriental perfume that celebrates all the facets of this ancestral resin, enhanced in this fragrance by the leathery, animal dimension of Black Tea Absolute interlaced with a cocktail of different vanillas and liquorice.

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Ingrédients : Alcohol, parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), glycerin, limonene, linalool, benzyl benzoate, citral, citronellol, geraniol, hydroxycitronellal.

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