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Hemp, Spices, Blond Tobacco



Theme 02: Tobacco
Woody – Spicy Vibrant


A truncated olfactory pyramid, for this first creation elaborated around the essential oil of Indian Hemp (Canapa Sativa Seed Oil). The olfactory complexity of this new extraction deserved an original and audacious construction capable of highlighting all the facets of this rare and precious ingredient.

Instead of the top note, the disconcerting and captivating Indian Hemp announces a rich and warm juice. Its heart is vibrant with spices and precious woods: pepper, chilli and coffee fuse and blaze with the sensuality of ebony wood, the greedy and bewitching sweetness of chocolate and the infusion of Bourbon vanilla beans.

The fragrance of his father’s cigar box: Cohiba, Monterrey, Trinidad combined with ebony…

Sensual tobacco fragrance, Spicy, Complex, Precious…

A contraction of “C’est Osé” (daring) the code name that figures on the tiny label of the first scent assembled by Pierre GUILLAUME.

Patchouli, Indian Hemps, Spices, Blond Tobacco


02 Cozé is featured here: The Niche Fragrance Collector

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COZÉ / 1002-E

COMPOSITION: Alcohol, parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), eugenol, linalool, linalool, limonene, benzyl benzoate, isoeugenol, coumarin, amyl cinnamal.

Cette composition correspond uniquement à la plus récente mise à jour de production. L’utilisateur doit se référer à la composition inscrite sur l’emballage du produit acheté.
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This composition corresponds only to the most recent production update. The user should refer to the composition on the packaging of the purchased product.
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